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Succeed with the Company’s Projects

Manage the company’s projects in the development department, business development, marketing and production, so that your customers get even better products and services, and the resources are used efficiently.

Effective Portfolio Management for the Financial Sector 

The Financial sector is developing rapidly and digitalization and compliance are on the agenda.

Get an overview of ongoing projects and prioritize project ideas so that the company can select and implement the right projects.

Support the execution of the projects within the framework of your governance model.

Manage Time in Trade and Service Companies

Do we spend time on the most important projects in the company?

Employee time is often a scarce resource in connection with project work.

The Resource Management in ProjectFlow 365 creates an overview of capacity and demand, so that the portfolio plan is realistic and the employees are not over-allocated.

We have integrated ProjectFlow closely with our finance system and Office 365, so that we have one unified approach to managing – and to get information about – our projects.

– Morten, Svanehøj

New Product Development and Turnkey Projects

When products need to be developed and launched on the market, or when customer specific projects needs to be delivered, effective project management is essential. 

Advisors and Clients

As a consulting company, there is a need for close collaboration internally and across organizations.

Effective collaboration tools internally and externally are therefore essential and the social tools in ProjectFlow 365, and the close integration with Office 365, strengthens the collaboration.

The management gets the right information for the meetings, and ProjectFlow 365 is just as much a tool for the project managers to prioritize in everyday life.

– Anette, Nic. Christiansen Group