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Are we spending our time on the right things? 

Simple timekeeping and absence management.  

Track time spent on projects and operations     

Makes it easy to keep track of time in everyday life and get an overview of time spent on projects and hours. Adding new tasks is easy.

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Support approval of reported hours 

You can easily approve hours yourself, or you can set up a workflow, where the manager or project manager must approve time sheets.

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Create an overview of missing hours

Centrally, you can get an overview across all employees, and see if everyone has approved time sheets.  

With the right permissions, you can approve and correct other peoples time sheets.  

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Do you use flextime in the organization? 

If your organization uses flextime, the flextime registration can be easily activated in ProjectFlow. By registering your flex time in ProjectFlow, you can easily keep track of working hours relative to your regular hours. This gives you the opportunity to work overtime in some weeks and work less in other weeks.

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Effective real-time reporting 

Continuously monitor time consumption so that the project manager can react in case the planned timeframes change.

In City, Country and Culture, we no longer solve tasks in silos; we need to involve the right skills across the board. Therefore, we need a structured tool such as ProjectFlow, which creates an overview of our projects and resource consumption.

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