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Succeed at projects in public organizations

Getting a good overview of the projects, and help for the project organization with the execution, are crucial for modern public organizations.

ProjectFlow is implemented in agencies, ministries, regions, municipalities and state-owned companies.

Manage the projects in the municipality


The municipalities are in a huge transformation with data security, cloud technologies and limited digitalization resources.

According to KOMBIT’s, good portfolio management in the municipalities is absolutely crucial for success.

With ProjectFlow 365, your municipality gets a simple Project and Portfolio Management solution, which provides a good overview without becoming heavy and inflexible.

ProjectFlow 365 has interfaces for EDH systems, so that the Public Administration Act’s requirements for journaling can be complied.

“The most important benefits of portfolio management and ProjectFlow 365 are better prioritization and clear decisions about what we need to work on. And that we stand by these decisions so that the organization has clear priorities.”

Teresa, Skive Municipal, Denmark

Get a comprehensive overview of project data in State Institutions

State Institutions

ProjectFlow 365 supports your Project Model so that your Organization optimizes the Project Processes and follows the Government Recommendations.

With easy setup of different project types in ProjectFlow 365, smaller projects with less management can also be handled in ProjectFlow 365.

ProjectFlow 365 has interfaces to central systems in ministries and agencies.

With capacity management in ProjectFlow we get an overview on the management of how many projects we can run at a time, and when.”

Lotte, Danske Spil, Denmark

Health Authorities and Project Management

Health Authorities

The Health Care System is changing, and the Change must be managed, so that the Political Objectives are realized.

ProjectFlow helps the health authorities and hospitals with effective project and portfolio management, as well as resource management and time registration, so that the projects achieve their goals.

“ProjectFlow has given us a good transparency in the allocation and use of resources.”

Eric, Region Sjælland, Denmark

Utilities, Public Companies and large Investments

Utilities and Public Companies

Utility, Wastewater, Infrastructure, Transport and Climate require large Investments, which must be handled efficiently in Public Companies.

Overview, status reporting and close management of finances and hourly consumption are key disciplines that ProjectFlow contributes to in public companies.

ProjectFlow 365 is more intuitive and scaled to what we need.”

Flemming, Nordjyllands Trafikselskab, Denmark