What is your role?

Get an overview of how ProjectFlow 365 helps you reach your goals efficiently and effectively with project and portfolio management. How can project tools help you in your everyday life? Read how ProjectFlow 365 can help you in your role, below.

Get an updated overview of the projects 

When projects need to be prioritized and monitored, an updated overview across the portfolio is important. Power data collection and reporting in PowerPoint, management information systems and in web reports.  

Project Manager

Support collaboration and Office 365 

Office 365 is well-known for its document sharing, task management and communication capabilities, and with the close integration of ProjectFlow, you get a good overview and management of your project.


Get in alignment with the organization’s goals 

Get an overview of the ideas and projects so you can select the right projects and monitor progress, allowing you to finish the most important projects sooner. 

Project participant 

Overview of my tasks and projects

Get a quick overview of your contributions to the organization’s projects with the built-in overviews in ProjectFlow and easily communicate on the project with the built-in social tools.