ProjectFlow 365 – intuitive tool for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)

Do the right Projects – and do them right with ProjectFlow 365 in Microsoft Cloud.

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Cloud solution for project management, portfolio management, and resource management.

ProjectFlow 365 is a flexible PPM System with close integration to Office 365.

Screenshot of the project and portfolio management tool.


Choose the right projects and deliver within the boundaries with project management.


Easy to use and implement in your department or the entire organization.


Start with few processes and scale up when the organization is ready.

Office 365 integration

Close integration with Teams, SharePoint and Planner in Office 365.

Prioritize and Execute Projects

  • Get an overview and make better decisions.
  • Share knowledge about prioritized projects and when they are executed.
  • Realize the strategy with your projects.
  • Ensure your portfolio is realistic and within your resource boundaries (money and internal hours).
FlowIT medarbejder ved computeren

Do we have the resources needed to execution?

  • Get the right resources into action to succeed with the important projects in ProjectFlow 365.
  • Manage the capacity and resource demand in projects and in operation with Resource Management in ProjectFlow 365.

Project management with Office 365 integration

  • Help the project manager with an easy tool to plan, and execute the project and streamline status reporting, to create value every day.
  • Scale the tools to the project type to ensure light weight management for projects with low complexity – and more management tools for high complexity projects.
  • Support easy collaboration and knowledge sharing with embedded social tools in ProjectFlow 365 and with the close integration to Office 365.

Do we spend our time on important matters?

  • Help Project Managers with a tool that delivers value every day.
  • Scale your management tools to match the needs in the projects.
  • Enhance knowledge sharing, visibility and collaboration through strong integration to Office 365.