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Agile tools and ProjectFlow 365

Jira and Azure DevOps are powerful tools for task execution in connection with software development projects, and with ProjectFlow 365 you can combine agile tools like Jira and DevOps with portfolio management, resource management and effective reporting. 

ProjectFlow 365 can be integrated with agile tools, so you get a comprehensive overview across the systems. 

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Get the chrome-plated overview of the resources

Jira and Azure DevOps and the agile approach are based on a backlog, where the highest priority tasks are solved first.  

But do we have the resources to be able to execute the desired tasks? And when can we deliver them? It requires an overall view, which ProjectFlow 365 can contribute to.  

Support fixed teams and agile teams in resource management so that task execution remains flexible.  

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Lean portfolio management and ProjectFlow 365 

Organizations that have fully implemented agile methods also need portfolio management and resource management, even if traditional governance is minimized.  

ProjectFlow 365 aids with lean portfolio management, where the portfolio is continuously prioritized and the reporting focuses on value creation, while projects are executed using agile tools and methods.