projektstyringsværktøjet ProjectFlow 365

Help the project manager with project management

ProjectFlow is used to manage projects, portfolios, and resources and is flexible and scalable, so you can start small and grow incrementally. Get started quickly without a difficult and time-consuming implementation.

Make Office 365 your project platform 

Project management in ProjectFlow 365 helps the project manager and the project team manage the project in an efficient and transparent way. 

et værktøj til projektstyring som styrker jeres samarbejde

Create a common understanding of the project’s purpose

  • Make a plan and verify that it is realistic 
  • Get help completing the project  
  • Create effective project collaboration with integration with Teams and tasks in Planner 
projektstyring i ProjectFlow 365 involverer deltagerne i projektet

Built-in Social Project Management   

  • Involve the participants in the project with ProjectFlow’s social functions such as emojis, comments and hashtags. 
  • Comment on a status report, a risk or a task and communicate with mentions (e.g. @peter) 
projektstyringsværktøjet har et Gantt-kort som gider projektlederen et overblik over opgaverne

Help with planning

As a project manager, you get help with planning. 

You can create the plan based on your standard phase model or copy a plan from another project. Then you save time.  

With the integration with Planner, you can see Planner tasks together with your phases and other tasks in the project management tool, along with an overview.  

You can easily follow up; the overview and email reminders help you reach your goal.

Internal and External Collaboration

Break down the boundaries among departments with effective collaboration facilitated by Microsoft Teams, which is closely integrated with the ProjectFlow 365 project management tool.

Teams can be used to ensure that everyone in and around the project can communicate effectively electronically.

The social tools in ProjectFlow 365, such as commenting and mentioning, make it easy to collaborate and comment on tasks, status reports and risks. 

It saves emails, collects history and enables questions to be handled efficiently.

Sociale features i projektstyringsværktøjet ProjectFlow 365

Save time on status reporting 

Keep your stakeholders informed about the status of the project and power the entire process so all parties save time and the status is more accurate.  

With ProjectFlow 365, you have project data collected in one place, and you can easily reuse data and reports.

Project data is automatically displayed to tools such as Power BI, so management can easily extract data across the projects.

Thomas fra ProjectFlow 365 hjælper dig i gang med projektstyringen

Control the resources  

When you, as a project manager, deliver your project, it is important that you get the necessary resources.

With resource management in ProjectFlow 365, you get an overview of your resources, which you can also compare with the available capacity. 

With the integration of time registration in ProjectFlow 365, you can see whether you are delivering the agreed-upon resources.