ressourcestyring i ProjectFlow 365
ressourcestyring i ProjectFlow 365

Resource management in Office 365

Get rid of spreadsheets and power up resource management with ProjectFlow 365 in the Microsoft Cloud. 

Is our portfolio realistic?

This resource management tool gives you insight into whether the portfolio plan is, based on staff capacity versus the time needed for projects and operations. 

Get insight into resource availability and the optimal time to start new projects, so you don’t have too many projects going at simultaneously.

ressourceplan i ProjectFlow 365

Unique flexibility in resource management

For projects with due dates far into the future, resource planning is typically at a more general level; for example, quarterly or monthly. 

Then when we get closer to the execution date, we typically want a more fine-tuned level of planning, perhaps monthly or weekly. It is also possible plan at the daily level, if desired. 

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Are we spending time on the most important things?

  • Our portfolio plan reflects how projects are prioritized. 
  • With our resource management, you gain insight into whether time is spent on the prioritized projects.
  • Get insight into the resources with Power BI and integrate with the time registration.
Power BI og ressourcestyring

Are my employees at capacity?

As a resource manager, you get an overview of how employees are allocated to projects and operations, and whether that matches the available capacity. You can plan the capacity so that demand can always be met, without your employees’ time being overallocated.

Prevent your employees from being stressed and having to jump from one fire to another. 

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Power the resource requests

It is easy to set up an approval workflow in ProjectFlow so the project manager can request resources (named employees or skills), which are then sent to the resource manager for approval.

The project manager: What resources do I have?

As project manager, I get insight into what resources have been allocated and for how much, and when projects are to be delivered. As a project manager, you can then deliver your projects successfully. 

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